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You just got home from your mall trip and filled with dopamine you gleefully start going through all your new goodies. Only to find out you don’t have a shirt to go with that new Philip Lim skirt or the jeans to go with the Rag and bone blazer.

So what happens next?

For most people, nothing! The items sit in their closet and becomes BFF’s with the dust bunny’s never to see the light of day. Only for you to swipe left on it every time you have an event. Let’s get your clothes the Tinder match of their dreams by scheduling a wardrobe audit today.

Our wardrobe audit is done in two stages:


  • We go through each of your pieces and  find out what is salvageable and what doesn’t need to see the light of day!

  • A list of essential pieces that you need to complete your wardrobe


  • Review of silhouettes, necklines, textures  that will work best for your body type.

  • We dive into your closet and start the process of creating amazing show stopping looks that existed right in your closet.

  • A custom digital lookbook with outfits created from your closet for those “ I don’t have anything to wear moments”.

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Most people believe personal shopping are only for those that walk the red carpet. News Flash! It’s 2019 and everyone deserves to have street style worthy of any vogue fashion spread.

Whilst we all like new thing who truly enjoys mall trips? Parking is always a hassle, standing in long checkout lines, trying on clothes in a 2x2 box with weird fluorescent lighting. Then only to have to repeat the cycle if you need to return any items.  

 Remove this vicious cycle from your life and hire a trained personal stylist.

Your personal shopping service includes:

  • A full rack of clothes personally delivered to your home for you to try on in the comfort of your home.

  • Pieces that match your everyday style and something special for an event.

  • Hassle free returns and alterations


Seeking to grow your modeling career? It all starts with the right comp card. A comp card will reveal to the brand or agency why they should choose you to represent their brand. I have worked with models from all agency’s and because of the styling options chosen and quality they have been added to their digital portfolio.

Portfolio building involves:

  • Discussing the brand or agency’s you will be targeting.

  • Pulling pieces and curating looks that match the goals we discussed

  • On set styling the day of the photoshoot.